Recent Google Update: How has it affected your website ranking?

Google’s recent update to how page titles are displayed in search engines could affect your website’s ranking in big way. It’s well known that Google makes a ton of changes to their algorithm every week. In fact, according to MOZ, Google makes over 3000 changes a year (and it grows every year)! Google is constantly … Read more

What is Organic CTR?


Often, businesses focus their time and efforts exclusively on being discovered in search engines. But being at the top of search engine results won’t do you any good if people searching don’t click on your website. If searchers aren’t interested in the content you present, their chances of clicking on your site are slim. Instead … Read more

What should I consider when choosing a digital marketing partner?

Choosing the right digital marketing partner is key for a business to quantify ROI across online platforms. When you consider hiring an online marketing agency, determine if they have the strategy building skills to accomplish your goals. Successful and effective digital marketing strategies aren’t easy to develop without first knowing your audience. Knowing who your … Read more