Recent Google Update: How has it affected your website ranking?

Google’s recent update to how page titles are displayed in search engines could affect your website’s ranking in big way. It’s well known that Google makes a ton of changes to their algorithm every week. In fact, according to MOZ, Google makes over 3000 changes a year (and it grows every year)! Google is constantly making algo changes to better serve relevant searches and provide people with the best user-experience – with the latest being a title element change…But this could drastically effect your website’s ranking if you don’t stay on top of these changes and adjust accordingly.

The page title element is what you see in search engines and on browser tabs. Page titles let the user know what to expect from a page in search engines and by nature, contribute to organic click thru rates. In their recent update, Google is taking it upon theirselves to rewrite the page title elements to better reflect the content on that page. This has big implications because page titles are also an important metric used for ranking webpages in the SERP.

Google’s algorithm seems to be pulling from all sorts of elements on the page including header tags, alt text, and general content with no clear reasoning or patterns. It appears that they are targeting page titles that are either too lengthy, keyword stuffed, have irrelevant content, or titles with the pipe symbol separator (|).

If your organic traffic looks good, rankings are in line, and page titles haven’t changed in the SERP, great news. However, if you do see a downturn in traffic and your page titles were changed in an arbitrary way, you should address it fast to keep from loosing momentum. We’ve had a few new clients who had triple digit increases in organic traffic but titles were changed and traffic recently dipped due to Google’s change. Because we monitor traffic meticulously, we were able to identify the issue and adjust quickly. I’m happy to report their organic traffic growth trajectory is back on track.

We recommend keeping a close eye on your page titles and organic traffic performance to see if there is a correlation. If you have seen a downturn, changing your meta titles to better reflect what’s on the page, ensuring proper character length, and avoiding keyword stuffing should be a top priority. SEO efforts are complex, and the last thing you want to do is loose momentum and squander your hard work.

Have you seen recent dips in your organic traffic? Have you seen a change in your ranking in the SERP? Let us know…We’d like to hear about how you addressed or plan on addressing the concern. We will update you as we learn more, but encourage you to reach out and share your experiences! Drop us a line here, give us a call @ 407-720-6174, or leave a comment below.

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