What is Organic CTR?

Often, businesses focus their time and efforts exclusively on being discovered in search engines. But being at the top of search engine results won’t do you any good if people searching don’t click on your website. If searchers aren’t interested in the content you present, their chances of clicking on your site are slim. Instead of all the focus being on top rankings, it’s more important to understand what converts searches to clicks (or readers). Equally important, and the next level down the funnel is what turns readers into customers? Focusing more time and effort on the click thru rate (CTR) metric is is often more profitable.

So what is organic CTR? Organic click thru rate refers to the percentage of organic views (or impressions) vs the number of people who actually clicked on your site in search engines. 

While it’s logical the higher your site ranks, the better the chances it will have to get clicks, CTR is also heavily influenced buy a myriad of other important factors. Among the many influencing factors, the better your CTR is, the more Google will view your page as valuable, relevant content and therefore increase your ranking. So ranking and CTR work in tandem. 

Organic CTR is an important factor in determining both your ranking in search engines and the amount of traffic your site receives. The better you serve search engines with relevant and valuable content, the better your CTR and traffic. Higher amounts of quality traffic increases the odds of actually converting that traffic to a customers.

Websites with high rankings, relevant content, and high CTR are seen as authoritative pages by Google. After all, Google’s sole purpose is to serve up the best content for a given search. Google, on average, has hundreds of changes to their search algorithms per year. The best approach for businesses interested in growing their online presence and sales, is to constantly be on top of those changes in order to work with Google by giving searchers what they are looking for. 

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