What should I consider when choosing a digital marketing partner?

Choosing the right digital marketing partner is key for a business to quantify ROI across online platforms. When you consider hiring an online marketing agency, determine if they have the strategy building skills to accomplish your goals. Successful and effective digital marketing strategies aren’t easy to develop without first knowing your audience. Knowing who your customers are, where they are online, and what actions they take once they reach your website, are a crucial first step in building a successful strategy and will determine your business’s overall online success.

Here are a few basic steps that a digital marketing company should implement when building your strategy.

Develop a buyer persona

  • Identify your web visitors, customers, and prospects’ location.
  • Identify your prospects, existing clients, and website visitors’ age.
  • What’s the average income level of your customers?
  • What hobbies and interests do your website visitors and customers have?
  • What does your target audience value about your products/services?

Digital Asset Evaluation

  • Review your existing digital channels to gain a high level view of performance.
  • Identify key conversion points across all existing channels.
  • Locate missed opportunities areas to improve on.


  • Incorporate research tools to assess customer interactions, purchases, and friction points.
  • Understand current customer’s purchase journey to utilize whats working and build on it.

Expectations & Goals

  • Directly tie your digital goals to your overall business’s goals. For example: If your goal is to increase product revenues by 15%, your digital marketing partner would set a goal to generate 40% more web leads or increase conversion rates on your website to contribute.

By utilizing all of your current data, exploring existing digital assets, and building a buyers persona, you develop a strategy based on a solid foundation. A comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy combines search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) to generate more traffic with conversion rate optimization (CRO) to leverage that new traffic. With more targeted traffic and less purchase friction you will convert more visitors, generate more leads, increase sales, and produce a justifiable online advertising ROI.

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